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Bigger Than A Break Basket

By February 1, 2014No Comments

Welcome to my new site!

During the past couple of years I’ve had the privilege of talking with a few of a my art heroes and have been offered some great advice from most if not all of them. One of the recurring things that I kept hearing from them was “If your name is available as a domain BUY IT!!. . . . like IMMEDIATELY!  So I did and I really feel like it’s a game changer for me. This new site I like because responds to the size of your browser window and is compatible with all mobile devices as well as being able to be fullscreen which was how I designed it to assure full visual compatibility for all visitors. In fact, if you have a 27″ iMac then you’ll have the best viewing experience as I built the site on one.

I’ve taken the blog posts from Farawaynearby and I’ve imported them all to the new blog here, the one you’re actually reading this from.  Spark Doodle Toons is a new virtual channel that will be on the web very soon which will showcase the animated shorts a friend and I are currently creating. So look out for yet another new site shortly after the release of this one.

I’m dying to get all this web work out of the way so I can get back to drawing! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to show your support and comment on what you like!


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