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My name is CS Murphy and I am a 2D/3D/VR Character Designer and Illustrator based in Los Angeles. I’m best known for my critter designs and odd sense of proportion. My characters range from cute and cuddly to petter beware.
Over the past 6 years, I’ve found a new passion for Virtual Reality Sculpting and pipelining this new workflow into my 3d work which has completely changed the way I now do my art. I’ve also spoken at a few Colleges in the Los Angeles area explaining and demoing to the Digital Media students how I go about creating characters in VR.
Aside from creating everyday I’m also a live streamer on twitch. I really enjoy making art in front of an audience and explaining how I create certain characters and what I think about while I’m designing. So it’s a great way to keep myself fresh and on top of what’s going on in the art industry. I’m also involved in a few art communities online as well and have met so many wonderful people. We bounce ideas off each other and help one another grow to become better artists.

Traditional And Digital Illustration


VR Sculpting & Illustration


Ideas and Conceptualization


Graphic Design


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For work proposals on anything creative, contact
CS Murphy – 310.666.9191 | CSMURPHYART@GMAIL.COM

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