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Hello sunshine the Earth says hello!

By February 1, 2011No Comments

Well this is the new site. I’m really excited about it and so should you. I’d like to thank my bud Ian Ricci for staying up till the wee hours of the morning with me trouble shooting all the glitches and weird back door secret passage ways through the matrices of the interweb. You simply wouldn’t be reading this message if it weren’t for him so give it up for the web master.

OK with the polite shout outs out of the way (a lot of outs!) some really cool things are in development. New art, new animation, new music is in development and also added to the list my little learning section on the site that will teach you how to draw cartoon characters appropriately titled Learn to Draw Cartoon Characters or LTDCC for short. What fun that will be! And finally last but not least, musical wankery at its finest in a new section called Mega Riff of the Day where I write a little technically challenging guitar riff and share it with the human family.

Well what the hell am I doing talking about this?…..  …  ..     . Let’s create some shtuff!


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