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Falling Rocks Part 2- Hypershading

By July 27, 2012No Comments

The second part is where I get into the fun color experimentation using different blending modes and layer opacity techniques. Most of this part of the drawing phase involves Adobe Flash for gradients and the majority of the tone variation throughout. And of course I’d never let any character get colored without using Ibis’s fantastic gradient tool (which still works great with my upgrade to Flash CS6) called Toon Titan. It definitely puts your gradient creations on auto-pilot so you can focus on more important things like coloring!

The last part of this involved exporting the art into 3 layers (BG, Clouds & The Skydiver) and added some subtle texture to take that razor sharp cleanliness that vector artwork does involuntarily for us. Using Photoshops layer comps I made an 8 part step by step from start to finish which can be seen below the video followed by the final piece at the bottom of that.

8 Stages (sorry about the poor quality. It’s because my site stretches the video out for some reason. It looks much better on youtube though. Have a look.

And here’s the finished piece.

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