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I get a lot of the same questions asked especially when I’m streaming a live broadcast. So if I directed your attention here from a current broadcast going on right now well then, thanks for checking my website out. Also, if you want to head back to a broadcast after having some of your questions answered you can do do by clicking this lovely broadcast button to take you safely back where you just were.


Q- Do you do digital and traditional work?

A- Yes I do. I purchased my first tablet in 2005 and spent a fair share of my life off and on drawing in sketchbooks. But the past 10 years is when I started taking things a bit more seriously.

Q- Which do you like better?

Both offer their own unique sets of challenges.

•Working Digitally
Working digitally affords a great sense of freedom like being able to work with extremely bold and rich colors then chose something completely different in a very nondestructive way.

•Working Traditionally
Working with Markers and Brush pens gives you the challenge of making very informed decisions before laying any line work to color down. This evolves your critical eye and hand coordination which in turn improves your muscle memory.

Q- What kind of markers do you use?

A- I use Prismacolor and Copic brush markers.

Q- What kind of pencils and pens do you have in your quiver?

A- Well, there are a variety of pencils and pens that I use to get a piece of artwork started. For sketching I like to use Col-erase Prismacolor pencils mainly because of how easily the pencil can be erased which is what I do before inking and coloring a piece or artwork to avoid the pencil and the markers mixing together creating a very less than pleasant color palette.


Q-what gear do you have in your digital setup?

A- I use a 27″iMac as my main computer and it’s attached to a Cintiq 21UX drawing surface.

Q- How long have you been drawing for?

A- My mom told me that I drew my first airplane when I was 4. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been drawing everyday and challenging myself ever since then. I ended up getting into music when I was 12 and my art gears turned 180 when I wanted to become a touring lead guitarist in a all star line up of musicians that were in essence my best friends so I spent a good 25 years learning and playing the guitar.

So long story longer I’ve been attacking this art craft professionally for the better part of 10 years now.

Q- How do you mount your camera and where can I find one?

A-  I found the Camera Mount n a site called aliexpress and can be found here.

Cool Stand Thing

Q- Where can I find more of your work?

A- Well, just click on the portfolio section here of you can check out a variety od social networks that I frequent here.